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GMBR Bush Pilots Search and Rescue Catering Service

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Welcome to Chef Karen Hall's Gourmet Kitchen...
International Menus for visitors to the Americas at the United States, California Southern or Los Angeles County Township to the contemporary American Diet which includes meat, seasonings and alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
Former Maitre D'/Hostess Karen Hall, VENTANA Restaurant
1.  Mediterranean Salt mill (Italy) 3.17 oz
2.  4 Seasons Pepper Corn mill (Italy) 1.24 oz
3.  Iodized Salt and Pepper (Morton) 4 oz/1 1/2 oz
4.  Coarse Grind Black Pepper (McCormick) 1.62 oz
5.  Ground Cardamom (McCormick) 1.75 oz
6.  Curry Powder (Spice Islands) 2 oz
7.  Ground Ginger (Spice Islands) 1.9 oz
Ground Cumin 2.2 oz Ground Oregano 1.6 oz Ground Cinnamon 2.4 oz Paprika 2.2 oz
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This kitchen area is dusted, swept, sanitized and rinsed before and after each use.



Chef Karen L. Hall
for GMBR Bush Pilots Catering Service

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner