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Father Anonymous Rev. Karen Lynn Hall (Jesuit)/Rabbi Karen Lynn Hall 2016

Diocese of Saginaw

The Hall, Clayton and Chapman Properties Karen Hall owns Edward Hall, Jr Estate
Diocese of Saginaw
Saginaw News
Los Angeles Times
Monterey County Sheriff Bob Businger
Want to know who did what?
Gen. Karen L. Hall USAF

Holy Roman Catholic Church

Edward Hall, Jr and Helen E. Hall 3534 Douglas St., Saginaw, Mi.  48601 USA

Karen Lynn Hall
AKA Bukwe Ana
"Chicken Little"
Karen Hall-Luke
Karen Furney
Karen Hallr III
Was said to be dead in 1979.  Obituary with Photos was not seen by Karen Hall or her children, and possible grandchildren or possible greatgrandchildren.
The legalities of this obituary reveal that her adopted children may have attended their mothers' and grandmothers' funeral.
Karen Hall was not allowed to attend her mother's funeral and was left upstairs in her mother's room while her son attended all festivities.
Karen Hall has visited Helen Hall in California and she was very much alive.
Karen's children may not be alive.
UAW United Automobile and Aerospace Implements
Local #668
Saginaw, Mi.  48601 USA
Held responsible.

Karen Hall's children were seen by Karen Hall in California and were slaughtered.

The Hall Family of six were sent to California and beat up by undercover police. Karen Hall witnessed this.

Death Certificates
Purgatory Certificates
Birth Certificates
Baptismal Certificates

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Prosthesis Foundation in the Memory of Olympics WWII
Walt Disney World Picked Helen Hall Music Studio's Karen L. Hall Ballet over Jacquelin Kennedy Onnasis School, Princess Grace Kelly Ballet and Shirley Temple Ballet
For the Dec. 27, 2008 Disney tour for Just For Kicks
Edward Hall, Jr. and Karen L. Hall
"Turn The Music Down!"
Karen Hall is in middle
Karen Hall is second from left
Play the pop up player
behind the video.