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Nescafe Taster's Choice:
"Great Coffee Derserves A Great Package.  Nescafe Taster's Choice now has a new look. 
It doesn't look like an ordinary cffee container,
because it doesn't contain ordinary coffee.
We still use the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta beans for the rich roast flavor.  and aroma you love.  Look for the more grippable package with the snap-top lid."

Celebrity Cruises:
"Happiness...It Just Takes A Moment!
From the incredible personal service to the stylish and innovative ships...the award-winning cuisine to the invigorating Aqua Spa by Elemis.
At Celebrity Cruises, your vacation experience means everything to us.  That's why we pay close and careful attention to your personal interests, so we can refine your experience onboard,
creating a cruise perfectly tailored to you.
From the moment you book
through the exceptional memories you carry home,
you're the center of our attention.
This is the essence of Celebrity's Star Treatment.
Contact your local travel agent or call 1-800-CELEBRITY.
Celebrity Cruises...Starring You"

Senseo Coffee and Coffeemaker:
"Introducing the Senseo Coffee Sensation!
The one-of-a-kind frothy coffee layer...The smooth, full-bodied flavor that lies just beneath...
Senseo is as much a revolutionary new way to make coffee, as it is a new kind of coffee experience. 
It's the coffee sensation that swept Europe,
creating over 5 million loyal drinkers.
Making Senseo unique even by European standards.  Senseo Coffee feels as good as it tastes."

UBS Investment Bank:
"You and US...The world changes...At UBS Investment Bank, Our commitment doesn't.
Markets are volatile, financial outlooks change.
But, you can be sure that some things remain constant.  At UBS, Our adherence to the simple virtues of listening and understanding...
Our determination to deliver financial solutions to help you meet your goals...
Our belief in long-term financial relationships, secured by one of the best capitalized banks in the workd and informed by over 140 years of experience.
In a world of change, these unchanging principles are the cornerstone of the relationship called 'You & Us'.
Wealth Management, Global Asset Management...UBS Investment Bank"

Relpax Pharmaceutical Drug:
"Not Many things knock you out like a migraine...But, you can knock out a migraine with Relpax!
Relpax is the latest in migraine medicine.  It relieves migraine pain and symptoms, such as nausea and sensitivity to light and sound.
It even works on severe migraines.
For some people, Relpax starts to work in as little as 30 minutes.  And clinical studies prove that with Relpax, more people got relief with just one dose than those taking Imitrex.  So, don't lose another day to a migraine.  Ask your doctor about Relpax.  Only your doctor can decide if Relpax is right for you. 
And when the next migraine hits, you'll be ready."

The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower:
"Welcome Home Again!
The Taj Mahal Tower has reopened.  Mumbai will rediscover its nesting place and play host to the world again.
We're brining back the clink of champagne flutes, even pile carpets that muffle the footfall of commerce and the perfect sea view.  You will feel the buxx of business as usual and experience hospitality that is quintessentially Taj.
On this special occasion we have introduced exclusive servies at The Taj Mahal Tower.  Presenting the private world of The Taj Mahal Tower. 
Presenting the private world of The Taj Club, impeccable butler service,
luxury Jaguar transfers and splendid suites.  Feel at home once again at The Zodiac Grill, Souk, Masala Kraft, Shamiana and Starboard.  And very soon, expect to discover the inspiration, romance and intrique of the legendary Palace Wing.
Welcome Back.
The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower
Mumbai, India."